Health is the true wildcard in caregiving. Of the six categories covered by Aging, Caring & You, the health category generates the most questions. Often, many caregivers wonder if accurate or relevant information was given to the doctor or if the doctor really said the things that have been relayed to them by their aging loved one.

To help remedy this predicament and prepare caregivers to confidently manage health issues impacting loved ones, Aging, Caring & You offers a health podcast.

Topics covered in the health podcast include:

  • Communication – patient to doctor; doctor to patient; and patient or doctor to family
  • Selecting a doctor or resetting an existing doctor/patient relationship
  • Preparing for doctors’ appointments
  • Asking questions if medical tests are recommended
  • Understanding a medical condition
  • Learning about prescribed medications
  • Considering treatment options
  • Online research
  • Visiting specialists
  • Understanding surgical options
  • What happens if hospitalization is required
  • Various types and definitions of advance directives

Make a modest investment in your loved ones.