Have you ever wondered:

  • What will I do if my parents become too sick to care for each other?
  • Are maintenance issues at my parent’s house becoming too much for them to handle?
  • My last conversation with Mom about her doctor’s appointment didn’t make sense to me. Did she understand was what said?

These questions lead to a larger question: What am supposed to be looking for as my parents or other loved ones age?

Aging, Caring & You presents a series of six podcasts to help you as you grapple with aging-related questions and issues. The first podcast, a general podcast, is for people who are starting on the caregiving journey, sense that that the journey is just around the corner, or know caregiving is in their future.

Topics covered in the general podcast include:

  • Ten warning signs that an older adult may need assistance
  • Helpful communication techniques to guide family conversations about aging-related topics and plans
  • Essential characteristics of successful caregivers
  • Questions to ask to help you determine your family’s primary caregiver
  • Tips on long-distance caregiving

After listening to the podcast, you will be better prepared to speak with family members and professionals about managing caregiving issues and responsibilities of aging parents or other loved ones.

Make a modest investment in your loved ones.