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Do you worry about your parents?

Have you ever wondered:

  • What happens if one parent becomes too sick for the other to help?
  • Who will help maintain their home when it is needed?
  • Is it too much house for them and does someone need to start looking for a more appropriate home?

Have you had a conversation with your parents about one of their doctor’s appointments and it didn’t make sense? With so many scams against the elderly, do you worry they may become victims?

These questions and others are addressed in the Aging, Caring and You podcasts and in the content found here. Each category that you click on will contain some of the text found in each podcast as well as a link to that individual podcast should you elect to purchase that specific podcast.

Keep in mind that no two circumstances are exactly alike. How you interpret and use the information presented in the podcasts and online will be as unique as your parents and their situations.


Based on Research

The primary sources of information are the National Institute of Health and the Administration on Aging. However, I have added my personal experiences with my mother to give context to the information. My hope is that you will spend less time doing basic research and more time caring for your parents or doing the more advanced research that their circumstances warrant.

These links can be found on this website under the specific topic heading. Additionally, a free Aging, Caring and You Introductory podcast can be found on iTunes.

Listen to the sample soundbites and free introductory podcast. If you like what you hear, you can purchase either the moderately priced individual podcasts or save a little money and buy them all in the Aging, Caring and You: The Basics podcast also found on iTunes.

Support a Good Cause

Money from podcast purchases will go toward researching, writing and producing future podcasts covering additional topics on aging and caring. This is a self-funding endeavor in order to keep the information unbiased.

Additionally, ten percent of the profits will be donated to the Council on Aging for Middle Tennessee an area nonprofit organization that honors and supports older adults and caregivers by addressing unmet needs through information, advocacy and education and by being a catalyst for comprehensive solutions.

Why this non-profit? Since I have retired, I spend a lot of time volunteering in the older adult community with Meals on Wheels, The Martin Center (a local senior center) and by serving on the board of directors with the Council on Aging of Middle Tennessee.

How Do I Purchase the Podcasts?

If you like what you hear, make a modest investment in your parents and purchase either the individual podcasts or save a little money and buy them all with the Aging, Caring and You: The Basics podcast. I would also encourage you to mention the website and podcasts to your friends or those you know who could use this information.