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The Process Of Selecting The Right Caregiver For Your Elderly Loved One

I think that my family is on the cusp of hiring outside help for my mother. My mother is reluctant to concede this point. I am not going to push her on this topic yet, but I am going to prepare for the eventuality. I have tried to have conversations with her about this and [...]

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Communication Plan For Elderly Adult Caregiving

As I reflect on my last post and wonder how we got to where we are with my mother’s illness and corresponding physical decline, my thought or conclusion is that I am not as good a communicator as I think I am. Although I shared a lot of information for elderly adult caregiving, I did [...]

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The Spectrum of Elderly Adult Caregiving Styles

Having just visited with my mother, I am left with a variety of thoughts. Some pleasant and others not so pleasant. The primary thought after this trip is “use it or lose it.” Having heard this saying for what seems like most of my life, I am now witnessing its manifestation in my mother. The [...]

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