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Long Distance Caregiving For Your Elderly Loved One

As I mentioned in my last post, my family’s support for my Mother is getting more real. More Active. I also mentioned that “where to start” and “what resources are available” are two of our starting points. A third starting point is determining who among us has the necessary skills to manage the care that [...]

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It’s Getting Real

Up to this point, my family’s support for my Mom has been the “rah rah cheerleader- how can I or we help you” kind of effort. Reality is starting to kick in. We all sense that a transition is starting. One where we go from helping with the gardening, minor home repairs and offering verbal [...]

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Instrumental Activities of Daily Living

As I mentioned in my last post, I think that my Mom and my family are transitioning into a new area as it relates to my Mom’s needs and the assistance that we can provide. The 10 Warning Signs that signaled us to start paying attention are now leading us into the observations and actions associated [...]

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Things May Be Changing… An Update On My Mom’s Story

Just got back from visiting with my Mom. I now find my concerns about my Mom’s situation moving from the “let’s hold and observe” category to the “it is time to start researching things” category. It’s a fine line to walk – whether or not to start raising red flags or focus more closely on [...]

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